Electronic Cash Registers

  SPS-520 Series Hybrid ECR

Featuring a hybrid design, The SAM4s SPS-500 Series has combined fast and simple ECR keyboard entry with an intuitive touch screen operator display. The SPS-500 is easily configured for your food, beverage, or retail business and provides the functions and options you need to meet your point of service needs.

SAM4s SPS-500 Series Hybrid ECRs
SPS-520 FT: Flat Spill-Resistant Keyboard; Receipt & Journal Printers
SPS-520 RT: Raised-Key Keyboard; Receipt & Journal Printer
SPS-530 FT: Flat Spill-Resistant Keyboard; 3" Receipt Printer
SPS-530 RT: Raised-Key Keyboard; 3" Receipt Printer

  ER-900 Series ECR M-Class
SAM4s ER-900 Series Multi-use ECRs from the world's leading ECR builder.

ER-920: Flat, Spill-Resistant Keyboard; Receipt Printer
ER-940: Flat, Spill-Resistant Keyboard; Receipt and Journal Printer

ER-925: Raised-Key Keyboard; Receipt Printer
ER-945: Raised-Key Keyboard; Receipt and Journal Printer
  ER-5200M Series ECR

With the features and capacity of a high-cost sophisticated ECR, the affordable SAM4s ER-5200M Series provides the gateway to system features with standard RS-232C communications.

ER-5200M: Flat, Spill-Resistant Keyboard
ER-5240M: Raised Key Keyboard  

  ER-5215M ECR

The affordable SAM4s ER-5215M provides the gateway to system features with standard RS-232C communications. The ER-5215M features an adjustable two-line alpha-numeric LCD screen and a traditional raised key keyboard expandable from 5, 10 or 15 NLU keys and separate integral receipt and journal thermal printers.

  Integrated Payment All SAM4s ECR Solution ECRs support Integrated Payment Appliances



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